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TemariKai News March 24, 2017

I hope that everyone is well.

A lot has been happening behind the scenes this winter.

Tweaks to the insides of TemariKai.com will fix some display issues.

The big news however is that TalkTemari has moved to a new home. We're now on Groups.io - a really clean, clear smooth site dedicated to hosting groups. Nothing else. And no ads.

TalkTemari's new address is https://talktemari.groups.io

The features of Groups.io are great - in addition to messages, we have files, photos, databases, polls, subgroups, chat, calendar - and a wiki. The TalkTemari wiki has been written to give you easy, clear help on using TalkTemari on Groups.io

If you were an existing member of TalkTemari on Yahoo Groups, your membership was moved to TalkTemari on Groups.io on Tuesday, March 21. You need only create a Groups.io password to get started. If you already had a Groups.io account, then you're good to go.

All this sounding good? Then join us! New members can join through Temarikai's TalkTemari page: 

This move has given us a great new playground, and will make being a member and enjoying TalkTemari much more enjoyable. Yahoo Groups services have been declining for the last 3-4 years with seemingly no support being given to the service, so it was time to find a new home. We're there and settled in - so come check it out!

Existing JTA members - it's renewal time for memberships. You should have had an email from the JTA and/or me. Fees are due by April 16, 2017. Remember that you must maintain membership if you are planning on working through certification exams. You may withdraw for a year, but you must let me know and understand that time withdrawn does not count towards study time for exams. If you have any questions, just drop me an email. And yes, as soon as TalkTemari is really settled we'll be moving the JTA Mentor group to Groups.io as well.

The TemariKai Etsy Shop is all set  - and there is a new stock of both tekobari and those adorable little scissors snips.

It's been a busy time getting everything ready and going with moving TalkTemari (including hundreds of photos!) - look for more content and goodies coming in the next few weeks.

*) Keep pinning the map!! If you are newer to the TemariKai audience and haven't checked it out, please do - and add your pin! it's great to see where we all are...  - go to the Site Info page on TemariKai.com and click on "View/Pin The Map" -

*) My continued thanks to those that have donated support to TemariKai; the help in offsetting some of the operating costs to help to keep the site going and growing is much appreciated. Even more, I cherish the notes that folks send, letting us know how well TemariKai is working for them. That's the main goal; much joy comes from sharing the art that I love.
That's it for now - as always, thanks for your continued interest and support.

That's it for now - as always, thanks for your continued interest and support,

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