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TemariKai.com Mission and Dedication

        The mission of TemariKai.com is to preserve and promote the art of traditional Japanese Temari, in a mutually cooperative and supportive environment, and to support the Japanese Temari Association.

        TemariKai.com is dedicated to the art of Temari; the people, traditions and culture of Japan; to all those that have and do contribute and participate to and with the site; and to the wonderful and enduring friendships that have come about through this experience. There are so many, all are very valued and appreciated.

        TemariKai is also dedicated to the loving memory of  Sarah Robinson, a most wonderful lady in every sense of the word. Her love, grace and humor have touched each of us who knew her, and who we wrap our arms around still, even though she is a better place than we. "Stay strong", be with God, March 12, 2001; and to good friend Ayumi Mizuta whose smile I will never forget, March 2011.

        I also offer deep appreciation to Sharon, who was one of the first and most instrumental and supportive people in helping me to become established and grow in learning Temari; to Lynne, without whom so much of this would never have happened; to Ai for leading me to and through the traditional teachings and methods and for her continuing help and support; and to the many members of TalkTemari past and present that have contributed to the body of knowledge of traditional Japanese temari.

Ginny Thompson, JTA Member/Kyoujyu 2010

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